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Why DesignFOIL?
  • Over 900 site installations, including NOAA, Tamiya and Disney Imagineering.
  • Continuous improvement since 1996, adding new features suggested by users.
  • Generates NACA airfoil coordinates with a mouse-click.
  • Runs airfoils through a Virtual Wind Tunnel.
  • Evaluate performance of airfoils.
  • Export airfoil coordinates to favorite formats.
  • Export airfoil shapes directly to popular 3D CAD programs.
  • Send all data directly to Excel.
  • Import airfoil coordinate files (.dat & .dxf).
  • Import coordinates from DXF files.
  • Airfoil coordinates for solidworks.
  • New MyAirfoils window saves your work from session to session.
  • New WingCrafter lets you do wing layout analysis and exports to CAD.
  • Send airfoil and wing geometries to Gridgen, Pointwise and CMARC.
  • Camber modification tool & simple flap simulator.
  • Mix & Match tool.
  • In-depth help file with aerodynamics and airfoil primers.
  • Optimized for wide-screen monitors.
  • Workflow pattern optimized to save you time.
  • All NACA standard airfoil coordinate generators.
  • Drag polar display: Classic NACA & Eppler formats.
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